Self-propelled Round Baler
Bale Size:⌀100


For baling hay and rice straw

An innovative round baler that allows you to change roll radius and baling density as you wish!

Self-propelled Round Baler <br> Bale Size:⌀100

  • Bale size 100×100 is a good transport effciency.
  • It is picking up without a loss with a wide pick (Operation width 145 cm).
  • It is easy operation at 1 lever. ( A side clutch, pick up equipment rise and fall, chamber opening and closing )
  • It is comfortable work in the cabin excellent in amenity and a field of view.
  • Good for balance,you can work reasonably well in the field soft.
  • Number turns in the net , pickup equipment height, and bale density change are easy adjustments by a monitor display and hand operation.
  • It is improvement in safety by rear monitor.
  • It is an easy maintenance by a gull wing cover.
  • Exhaust fume standard engine conformity vehicle.



※Specifications and photos are subject to change without notice for improvement.