Self-Propelled Bale Wrapper


Diesel engine loading!

It is one set even about picking up, wrapping, and loading!

Diesel engine loading

Working efficiency, cost reduction (low fuel consumption), and work load mitigation were realized.
(Conventional machine ratio about 25% of fuel consumption reduction realization)
Velocity lowering of the run at the time of work in a cultivated land decreased in 13.5 H.P. of maximum outputs.

Mass fuel tank loading

Continuous running for 6 hours or more which serves as the 3 times as many conventional machine ratio abbreviation by oil supply of one time was attained.

Canopy standard equipment

The fatigue degree of the worker under blazing heat is reduced.

It corresponds to the film width of 75 cm

A stretch mechanism is the double stretch specification of 50 cm x two film width.
It can also correspond to the further film width 75 cm. (Single stretch)


10%of film amount-of-consumption reduction

The draw ratio of the film was improved and the film amount of consumption was reduced by conventional machine ratio about 10%.

It is improvement in operativity by speedy operation

Hydraulic pump capacity is doubled, I was corresponding to the high-density bales of maximum 500㎏.
※During lift-up is possible until the bale of maximum 450㎏

Loading angle sensor adoption

It can work smoothly by operating without being influenced by engine number of rotations which is depended automatically loading and also at the time of unloading work.

Maintenance work is easily

A tool is unnecessary and the engine cover can carry out full opening.

Maintenance work is easily

Equipped with roll longitudinal unloading equipment

By unloading vertical, film layer is ground to a thick bottom, I can suppress the perforated due to the projections or the like.

Waterproof controller & multi-lever

Film winding number and various settings by button on the controller, easy setting.
The loading of the bale in a multi-lever single, possible operation of traveling.

Waterproof controller & multi-lever

Waterproof controller & multi-lever

Long crawler equipment

Travel section width 280mm, is adhered the Long crawler of contact length 1340mm, you can make traveling that was safely in soft ground.


Bale mass simple measuring device(SW1120DM)

You can load the bale on the table and measure the mass.
※This function is a simple measurement of bale mass and does not correspond to the specified measuring instrument specified in the Measurement Law.