Remote Control Bale Wrapper


You can wrap work alone while performing the loading and storing of bale!

Corresponding to the wrap film of 750mm width.

Allows the use of wrap film of 500mm or 750mm width.Also,stretch rate is 156% improved to 167% from(previous model),reduce the usage of wrap film.

Reduction of vibration.

The aircraft to stabilize in the outrigger to reduce vibration in wrap work.

Automatic stop device without worry.

By the film sensor loading,automatically stop the wrap work when wrap film is no longer.

Rotating ring of noise design and higt durability.

High performance grip cutter.

The grip cutter adoption of new design,wrap film holding → cutting → separation of the performance improvement.

It also supports back glue wrap film.

Add the optional parts to stretch,it also supports wrap film of back siding glue specifications.

Operation is possible manually.

Even if electrical system trouble occurs, the operation can be done using the manual lever.