Fully Automatic Bale Wrapper


From loading to release, the complete operation is automatic!

The series of operations, from round bale loading to wrapping, cutting and release, is fully automatic.
The operator can concentrate on the operation of the tractor, allowing for a safe and efficient operation.

Operation efficiency is greatly improved because wrapping can be done while traveling.

No time is wasted during wrapping, allowing for highly-efficient operation.

Simple and convenient control box operation.

Fully automatic and semi-automatic operation status appears in a liquid crystal display, and it can be switched from fully automatic to semi-automatic to correspond to the operation.

Film installation is simple and easy.

Film installation can be done at a waist-high position, making operation easy.

Film compatible

It is possible to correspond to 2types of width 50cm,75cm.

Useful options

  • Bale vertical discharge attachment WM1530-TO is sold separately.
    A vertical discharge attachment is also available to make round bale transportation easy.
  • Tandem attachment WM1630-T is sold separately.
    When installing the tandem attachment,the machine dimensions are 276mm at the time of movement and 445mm at time of work.