Combi Bale Wrapper


Highly efficient at baleing and wrapping concurrent job!

Immediately sealed during the baleing and wrapping process

A high-efficiency operation is achieved because the round bale packing and wrapping operations are performed at the same time. With density and immediate sealing, high-quality roll silage can be produced.

It is grass jam release simply by lever operation

According to sole plate down structure, a grass jam on a cutting drum can be solved easily.

Equipment added in the pursuit of ease of use

  • Back monitor – operations in back can be verified from the cabin.
  • Bale standing discharge device – standing discharge makes subsequent operations easy.(Option)
  • Film sensor – detects the presence of wrap film and stops automatically.

Power package built-in

It can equip also by tractor without oil pressure extraction.

Tandem wheel equipment

It has excellent follow-up to the uneven groaund.

※※The diameter of a bale becomes larger than 100 cm with crops.
※Specifications and photos are subject to change without notice for improvement.