Manure Spreader


Creating rich soil with manure

Auto stop system

  • When a shear bolt in PTO breaks due to foreign objects in manure, operation of the hydraulic driven conveyor stops automatically to prevent damage of a beater, etc.
  • The conveyor also stops automatically when the tractor’s engine is idle. (Equipped with an engine sensor.)

Auto stop system

Remote control equipped as standard

  • Conveyor start-up is automatically controlled and linked with the PTO rotation switch equipped in the tractor.
  • The conveyor speed can be adjusted to 10 different stages.
  • Its convenient, fast-forwarding function can eliminate the irritation felt by the operator when it starts or finishes spreading manure.

Remote control equipped as standard

Durable and corrosion-resistant body

  • The side plates of the beater and the crosspieces on the bottom are plated with zinc, which further enhances corrosion resistance.
  • The floorboard is made of polyethylene eco boarding.

Reduced abrasion of the conveyor chain

Increased number of teeth in the sprockets that drive the floor conveyor chain from 6 to 8 reduces chain abrasion. (The refraction angle of the chain is reduced by using large sprockets.)

Smaller body width

Body width is approximately 500 mm smaller than that of our former model, which reduces the stress felt by the operator when moving the spreader.

Reverse operation of the floor conveyor enabled by the hydraulic drive system

The conveyor can be operated in reverse, enabling removal of foreign materials with ease. This also helps the conveyor return to normal operation quickly when a shear bolt is broken.

*1 Spread width varies depending on the type of fertilizer.
※Specifications and photos are subject to change without notice for improvement.