Chopping Whole Crop Harvesting-baler


Chopping and high-density baling produce forage perfect for high-quality silage and fermented TMR!

  • Equipped with a low emission engine.
  • Capable of handling long-stem crops of 150 cm in stem length.

  • Crops chopped to the theoretical cut length of 3 cm converted to well fermented coarse rice feed with high-quality lactic acid bacteria added.

  • A control box is equipped as standard, which displays error messages and the electronic counter to record the number of bale formations. The winding number of the net can also be set with the counter. These operations and confirmations can be easily done from the driver’s seat.

  • Lactic acid bacteria spraying device comes as standard.
  • Good-quality silage is produced by adding lactic acid bacteria that accelerate fermentation.

  • The rear monitor enables easy rear-view confirmation.
  • Two small cameras are equipped on the rear of the machine.

  • Discharge of bales can be checked on the liquid crystal monitor equipped in the middle of the steering wheel.

  • High-density bales can be produced by uniformly mixing ear and root parts.