General-purpose type Forage Harvesting-baler


Fine chopping allows higher-quality fermentation!

General-purpose type Forage Harvesting-baler

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Cutter part (Operating width of 180 cm)

Equipped with a multipurpose header suited for cutting feed crops including feed rice, corn and sorghum. (*The divider needs adjusting depending on the crop.)

Cutter part (Operating width of 180 cm)

Harvester part (Minimum theoretical cut length of 6 mm)

  • The combination of energy efficient up cutting and fine chopping means that seeds and kernels are easily scratched, resulting in more digestible livestock feed.
  • Four different cut lengths are available by changing the sprocket, depending on the situation.
    The length can be set at 6 mm, 11 mm, 19 mm or 29 mm.
  • The feed roll chamber can be fully opened, which enables the clearance between the cutting knife and bed knife to be adjusted easily.

Harvester part (Minimum theoretical cut length of 6 mm)

Small-sized multi-function controller (with improved operability)

The operation procedure is shown clearly in the diagram on the graphic liquid crystal screen.

  • Clutch on/off
  • Transmission forward/reverse
  • Cut length
  • Harvester open/closed

Roll baler/hopper part (diameter x width (cm): Φ100×85)

  • Bales with greater density are produced by chopping feed crops finely, which leads to the improvement of feed quality.
  • The hopper with larger capacity than the former model enables work efficiency to be improved.

Running part (Horizontal body control)

Crawler type structure is adopted, which enables stable running in wet fields.


With three cameras equipped, safety and work progress are improved.

  • Monitoring camera for inside the hopper
  • Rear monitoring camera (one)
  • Left rear monitoring camera (one)

Engine part

Equipped with an engine with maximum output of 73.8 kw (100.3ps).

Work scene of harvesting feed rice
Work scene of harvesting feed rice

Work scene of harvesting tall and large crops
Work scene of harvesting tall and large crops

*This model was designed by improving the multipurpose feed harvester developed under the urgent development project of agricultural machinery, etc.
*The fine chopping structure was developed in collaboration with the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization and Western Region Agricultural Research Center.
※Specifications and photos are subject to change without notice for improvement.