Round Baler for Chopped Material


High quality silage maize,TMR

This machine was developed at the request of the Bio-oriented Technology Research Advancement Institution in accordance with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries “21st Century Urgent Project.” The Livestock Grand Prize is sponsored by the Japan Livestock Industry Association to recognize cases that have social significance in the promotion of the livestock industry. For details please visit:



Corn roll bale
Corn roll bale

Stationary work
Stationary work

Bale size is variable,can also adjust the amount of feeding.

●The feature of MR-820●

Diameter can be changed up to 90cm from 85cm.(Increase to 112% by volume)

Remote control is standard equipment.

For remote operation is possible, you can efficiently stationary work.

Hopper will be a coneyor system.

When stationary work,loader work can be efficiently.

Hopper volume increased to 2.5m3.

Because there is sufficient volume of 2 bales,which can lead to more efficiet loader work.

Bale size is variable,can also adjust the amount of feeding.

●The feature of MR-820 and MR1020R●

A release from demanding silo packing operation.

Dense round bale forming and packing can be done by the Round Baler for Chopped Material. Because of the dense packing there is no need to compact the silo that is so important for silage preparation, resulting in enormous labor savings.

Operations can be performed regardless of the weather.

No more concerns like “I must finish the silo loading,” because roll unit storage is possible.

Daily feeding is made easy.

No need to worry about secondary fermentation because only the necessary amount is opened. Deterioration loss is greatly reduced.

Milk quality and volume can be ensured even in the summer season.

With high-quality corn silage that cattle will eat even during the summer season when their appetites decrease, you can ensure milk quality and volume. In addition, it is possible to reduce feed purchases.

High-quality fermented TMR can be produced.

With the combination of the Round Baler for Chopped Material and mixer, silage and TMR is mixed, and through highly-dense sealing, high-quality fermented TMR can be produced.