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Introducing dream-like feed preparation

Corn silage revolution MW1210


  • Chopped corn can be compactly formed into a bale shape, packed and sealed by one machine!
  • By feeding cattle high-quality corn silage, summertime milk quality and volume is stabilized!
  • From roll shaping through to net/wrap wrapping, everything can be done by an automatic operation!
  • By rolling and wrapping the corn, summertime deterioration can be reduced!
  • Because of summertime deterioration prevention, it is even optimal for repacking rolls from the silo (around March to April)!
    * Please also take a look at the “Chopping Combi Bale Wrapper” in the Product Information section.

Operation flow of Chopping Combi Bale Wrapper

Step1 Packing after harvest  Step2 Shaping the roll
Step4 Wrapping operation while simultaneously shaping the next roll  Step3 Moving the roll
Step5 Roll stacking storage  Step6 Transporting as it is in an excellent state


Models Dimensions Weight
Bale size
Dia x W
Hopper capacity
Suitable power
(kW {PS})
Wrapping film
Binding method Operation efficiency
Overall length
Overall width
Overall height
MW1010H 8,500 3,530 2,750 3,890 Φ100 x 85 3.0 25.7 - 73.6
{35 - 100}
500 Net + wrapping film 30
MW1210 10,000 3,530 2,790 4,980 Φ115 x 100 4.0 44.1 - 95.6
{60 - 130}

* This machine is a further development based upon the Round Baler for Chopped Material developed as part of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries “Urgent Project.”
* Specifications and photos may be modified without prior notification when products are improved.

Please also take a look at the Round Baler for Chopped Material section.

The machine can be operated by one person.

Sealing by the Self-Propelled Bale Wrapper (SW1120D)

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