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Radio-Controlled Boat

Labor saving of herbicide spraying in radio control operation
Performance is good! Operability is good! Price is good!



  • Comfortable working in a high-output 2.2 horsepower engine
    Used engine, 4 cycle 2.2 horsepower of the total exhaust volume 50㏄ in gasoline specifications.
    Fast work at high output is done, you can do the work comfortably less susceptible to the influence of the wind.
  • The work can be done in shallow water state in flat-bottom design
    Bottom of the boat to ensure the buoyancy in the flat shape, is a flat-bottomed design that can work even in a water depth of about 5 cm.
    The bottom to ensure stable straightness subjected to longitudinal groove.

  • Easy turning in large ladder
    Turning performance also ensure a large ladder. While working at full throttle, it becomes automatic deceleration ladder is opened in which return the throttle in the vicinity when furrow.

  • Achieved higher durability with three blades propeller made of resin
  • 7 stage of spray volume adjustment dial
    By to select a dial that is attached to the herbicide distribution opening, you will be able to adjust the application rate of the herbicide. In order to easily measure the application rate of the herbicide, and are discharged from the boat top surface.
    ※ Valve opening and closing of the distribution opening you can be operated from the transmitter.
  • The remaining hard tank shape is herbicide
    The bottom of the distribution opening of the tank to contain the herbicide and by a V-shape, become the lowest position of the herbicide outlet tanks tilted hull also is ejected stably herbicide during turning. In addition, the tank Yes beveled towards the fuselage behind the distribution opening, the herbicide is difficult to rest shape.

  • The electrical relation to the top surface. Avoid troubles
    Electrical (rechargeable battery, receiver, etc.) was installed to the hull top, to minimize the electrical problems caused by splashing water or moisture. Also, I easily done without tools electrical cover desorption.(One spare rechargeable battery is attached to the receiver)
  • High durability made ​​of polyethylene hull
    Hull is resistant to impact in polyethylene, there is also durability.
  • Easy also move on casters
    It comes standard with a convenient casters to move from paddy to paddy field.


Models Dimensions (mm) Weight
Fuel Operating speed
Drug tank capacity
( l )
Use herbicide
Overall length Overall width Overall height
EB1010 1910 770 725 28 1.6 (2.2) Regular
10~14 10 Flowable dedicated

※ Specifications and photos may be modified without prior notification when products are improved.

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