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Combi Bale Wrapper

High speed type pursuing ease of use

Combi Bale Wrapper
(Belt type)



  • High quality silage with simultaneous wrap
    Highly efficient work has been realized because sealing operation is performed at the same time as packing of rollbale.High-density roll silage can be made because it is sealed immediately at high density.
  • Drop floor system
    It is possible to raise and lower the knife holder while riding in the tractor,and it is easy to eliminate clogging.
  • Cutting
    A cutting method with a theoretical cutting length of 76mm with 13 knives.
  • Film size
    It is possible to correspond to 2types of width 50cm,75cm.
  • Net device
    It is now possible to install the net with one touch.
  • Equipment pursuing ease of use
    ・Monitor camera standard equipment
    ・Roll/down device standard equipment
    ・Automatic lubricator and concentrated grease
    ・Gull wing type cover


Models Dimensions (mm) Weight
Operation width
Bale size
(Dia x W cm)
Suitable tractors
(kW {PS})
Binding method
  Overall length Overall width Overall height
VCW1620 During operation 8460 3460 3020 5570 180 φ155~160x118 73.6 - 110.3
{100 - 150}
During transport 7580 3140

※ Specifications and photos may be modified without prior notification when products are improved.

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