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Automatic Bale Wrapper

Pursuit of ease !

Automatic Bale Wrapper



  • Easy transport
    Easy to grab and carry roll bales,by vertical placing.
  • Full automatic mode
    Can be done with one button.
  • Film changer
    Easy roll replacement - 4 rolls of wrapping film can be loaded.
  • Manual valve
    Manual hydraulic lever is available as an emergency response.

  • Large casters
    A large caster (*) with running angle of ± 30 ° provides good runnability in soft ground areas.
    Casters can be fixed when storing and moving.
    ※ Tire size Φ 546 × width 216 mm
  • Options
    ●Remote control attach (WM 1120 - RC)
        Less workload for stationary work. 
    ●Back monitor attach (WM 1120 - BM)
      To see backward when loading roll bales.


Models WM1120
Dimensions (mm) Overall length 1890
Overall width 1680
Overall height 2080
Weight (kg) 480
Tractor mounting method 3P category (Ⅰ・Ⅱ)
Suitable tractors (kW {PS}) 22.1 - 44.1 {30 - 60}
Suitable bale weight (kg) Max 600
Bale size limit (Dia x W cm)
φ85.0 - 115.0 x 85.0 - 100.0
Tire size 22 × 850-12 4PR

* Specifications and photos may be modified without prior notification when products are improved.

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