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Flexible Container Lime Sower

Spreading precision has been improved!

Flexible Container Lime Sower


FL Series



  • Double door cover for all models!
    The double door cover can be used as an additional hopper for efficient spreading of light organic fertilizers such as rice bran and poultry manure.
    Using the cover from either side, packed fertilizers can also be easily poured into the machine from a bag.

  • Resin guide for hydraulic shutter!

Shutter can be easily operated by hydraulic pressure, while its resin guide ensures smooth opening and closing.

  • Rust-resistant agitator!

Greater corrosion resistance has been achieved by stainless steel wings.

  • Large viewing window for checking the remaining quantity!

The large convex window makes it easy to check the fertilizer level.

  • Options
    Organic fertilizer spreader attachment

    Attaching a square-hole shutter (optional) makes it possible to spread organic fertilizers such as rice bran and fish meal.
    FL6003-BS(For FL6003)
    FL7603-BS(For FL7603/12003)


Models Dimensions
Hopper capacity
Suitable tractors
(kW {PS})
Effective spreading width
hydraulic cylinder
Overall length Overall width Overall height
860 2530 850 220 600 36.8 - 73.6 {50 - 100} 2.4 Double-acting
3250 250 760 3.1
1040 300 1200 51.5 - 88.3 {70 - 120}

※ Specifications and photos may be modified without prior notification when products are improved.

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