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Grand Ace Spreader

Also leave organic scattering installed with compo casters!

Grand Ace Spreader



  • Improve running performance with new HST mission
    Wide crawler is installed and it is powerful for work in soft ground.

  • Ideal for spraying organic fertilizer (※) such as compost,chicken droppings,rice bran etc as well as chemical fertilizers.

    ※Organic fertilizer application corresponds to water content of 45% or less.
  • Widget spreading shutter which can also extend organic fertilizer.

  • Simple mixing with stirring agitator (capacity up to 350 liters)

  • Easy to turn with one lever
    Electric opening / closing shutter can be adjusted in hand (waterproof specification)

  • Spread wide with large single spinner
    Spinner fan improves abrasion resistance by carbonitriding treatment.

  • Easy correction of scattering offset with lever

  • Adopted deluxe seat with reduced vibration


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