Combi Bale Wrapper (belt type)


High speed type pursuing ease of use

High quality silage with simultaneous wrap

Highly efficient work has been realized because sealing operation is performed at the same time as packing of rollbale.High-density roll silage can be made because it is sealed immediately at high density.

High quality silage with simultaneous wrap

Drop floor system

It is possible to raise and lower the knife holder while riding in the tractor,and it is easy to eliminate clogging.


A cutting method with a theoretical cutting length of 76mm with 13 knives.

Film size

It is possible to correspond to 2types of width 50cm,75cm.

Net device

t is now possible to install the net with one touch.

Equipment pursuing ease of use

  • Monitor camera standard equipment
  • Roll/down device standard equipment
  • Automatic lubricator and concentrated grease
  • Gull wing type cover

※Specifications and photos are subject to change without notice for improvement.